Window Mobile (6.5 and below) Development Tips

Posted by Andy on September 01, 2010
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I wanted to link to a few good blogs/articles regarding the wonderful world of Windows Mobile  development.  I’m not talking about Windows Phone 7, this is the old-school Windows Mobile 6.5 and below.

This first article has some must-know tips for writing Windows Mobile apps that can run on either the full or compact frameworks.  Following these conventions gives you the ability to run the same application on either a Windows Mobile device or emulator, or as a full .NET framework desktop application (without re-compiling or re-configuring).

Write Code Once for both Mobile and Desktop Apps

Of course, you can’t have this both ways:  You cannot run full-framework code on Windows Mobile, you can only go in the other direction and run CF code on the full framework.

This next article (written by the lead developer at my company Blue Dot Solutions), shows how to setup Visual Studio to debug .NET CF apps on your PC, rather than the emulator.  This is a super-useful trick that makes Windows Mobile development much faster, and almost tolerable.

Deploy to My Computer

The following articles talk about “provisioning” of Windows Mobile devices.  “Provisioning” is a term you don’t hear too often, unless you work in an “enterprise” environment.  Provisioning has to do with the initial configuration of a device (applications, settings, etc.) by the manufacturer, or continuous setup and configuration by an administrator or user.  There are several industry standard mechanisms for provisioning devices, and Windows Mobile supports several of these, including OMA Client Provisioning and OMA Device Management (among others).  This set of documents is pretty poorly organized, but it contains a ton of really useful information, and provides examples on all the different things that you can provision.

Managing Windows Mobile Devices

Configuration Service Providers

I hope to add more links as I come across more information.