iPhone 3GS not receiving incoming calls

Posted by Andy on June 28, 2009
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I thought I’d blog this experience, in case anyone else runs into it. I just got a brand new iPhone 3GS, and had an issue receiving incoming calls. I was a T-Mobile customer up until now, so I had to transfer my phone number from T-Mobile.  On my new AT&T account, I could send and receive text messages, and make outgoing calls, but whenever someone would try to call me, it would go straight to voicemail, and if the person left a voicemail, I would not see it in my Voicemail list on the iPhone. If I dialed my own number, I could listen to the messages, but something was definitely not right. Apparently, this is not an uncommon issue for people with iPhones, there are a lot of articles and forum posts from people seeing the same problem.

I went through the following troubleshooting steps, with no success:

  1. Hard restart of iPhone (hold home and lock buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds)
  2. Disable WiFi
  3. Disable Bluetooth
  4. Disable 3G
  5. Reset network settings
  6. Reset all settings

I finally called the AT&T support (dial 611) on the phone.  I first talked to an Apple rep about the issue, and he went through the above steps, and I told him that I had tried all of those things.  He concluded that it was probably an issue with the phone number transfer from T-Mobile.  I called 611 again, and talked to an AT&T rep, and she tried something without success.  She decided that I needed to talk to a tech rep from AT&T, so I called 611 once again and got in touch with a tech rep.  He looked up my account and discovered that the “port” of my number from T-Mobile was still sitting in a pending state.  He was able to push the request through the system, and I think that fixed the problem.

The AT&T and Apple reps were really friendly and helpful.  If anyone is experiencing this problem, I’d highly recommend calling AT&T tech support, they were able to fix the problem for me quickly and easily.

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