Cache la Poudre

Kayak log: Upper Rustic 2009-06-27

Posted by Andy on June 28, 2009
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Date: 2009-06-27 12:00pm

Run: Cache la Poudre – Upper Rustic

Flow: 4′ on Pineview gauge

Class: III (IV-)

Temperature: Warm

Buddies: Fino, Nick Lamb, Chadwick Shoults, Big Ken from CK, and Lou from CK

Description: Our first trip back to Upper Rustic after “the incident” a few years ago. The flows were good (4′ on Pineview), and the run was even better than I remembered. We started at the same place as last time, about a 1/2 mile up from the “Miracle Mile” (actually the Miracle 1/4 Mile). The upper part was really good at this flow, big waves and holes, and some good boof opportunities. The Miracle Mile was the highlight of the run – a long continuous section, similar to Screamin’ 1/4 Mile on Lower CC, with bigger waves and holes, but less technical. Lou decided to run the miracle mile with Fino and I, and the other guys started just below it. Lou ended up going for a dip near the end of the section. He was able to get out pretty quickly, but it took about a mile to get his boat and paddle to the side. He was okay. The rest of the run was good sections of class III waves and holes. Definitely a good run, and worth making the extra drive.

Carnage: Lou took a little swim in “Miracle Mile”

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Kayak log: Poudre 2009-06-07

Posted by Andy on June 07, 2009
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Date:  2009-06-07 noon

Run:  Cache la Poudre (Mishawaka Inn to Bridges take-out)

Flow:  ~1100 cfs (3.5′ ?)

Class:  III, IV

Temperature:  ? (cloudy, cold, and windy)

Buddies:  Chadwick Shoults, Craig Foley

Description:  A fun run through Lower Mish, Poudre Park, and Bridges.  Nothing major to report.  Lower Mish was good, as was Poudre Park.  Cardiac Corner was no problem, and Pineview was fun.  Had a little slip-up at the start of Pineview and had to roll right away, but managed to recover quickly and make it down the rest of it cleanly.  Chadwick put it best at the end of the run: “It’s hard to have a bad day on the Poudre.”

Carnage:  None

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Kayak log: Cache la Poudre 2009-05-24

Posted by Andy on May 25, 2009
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Date:  2009-05-24 10:00am

Run:  Cache la Poudre River (Upper Mish (Tunnel Rapid) to Bridges Take Out)

Flow:  1600 cfs (4′ on the Pineview Gauge)

Class:  IV/III

Temperature:  60 cloudy

Buddies:  Chadwick Shoults, Fino

Description:  A good run down the Poudre at a pretty good flow.  The water was a 4′ on the Pineview rock gauge.  Fino and I started just above the tunnel rapid in upper Mishawaka.  The tunnel rapid was pretty continuous, but no real problems.  Mishawaka falls were challenging, but not as continuous, so there was plenty of time to pick a line.  Running through the rest of upper mish, lower mish, and poudre park was pretty straight-forward.  There is one large hole to avoid at the end of lower mish or poudre park, but there is a channel on the left that would take you right around it.  Cardiac corner was no problem at all.  Pineview falls was probably the most fun rapid on the run.  Fino and I scouted the rapid.  At the top, there is a large rock sticking up that divides the run into two choices.  There appeared to be two good lines right at the top:  the left side would require a move right to avoid a hole/pour-over, then a move back left to avoid a large hole on the right.  The right line seemed easier, basically, drop in, then start paddling left to avoid the hole.  After the large hole, there was another large hole in the center which could be easily avoided on the right or left.  After that, there is the “Disneyland Rock,” which was no problem.  Finally there is on smallish drop at the end.  Fino and I both took the right line at the top.  I was clean through the drop-in and the large hole.  After the hole, I worked my way right around the second hole, then aimed straight for the slide down Disneyland Rock.  I sort of got in position for the slide, but not quite.  I ended up riding the pillow of water down to the bottom, where I had to roll.  The rest of the run (Bridges) was fun.  Good wave trains, but nothing too difficult.

Carnage:  A couple rolls here and there, no swims

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