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Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Andy White, I’m currently living and working in Denver, Colorado.

I have a great job downtown Denver doing software development in .NET and Java. I live close to downtown with a couple roommates. In my free time, I enjoy gravity sports (such as kayaking and skiing), martial arts, guitar playing, and computers.

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  • Hey I’ve been reading your ‘EMG installation’ progress just now and it was extremely helpful. I recently ordered EMGs got them in today. Tried to install them but realized I dont have a 3 prong output jack. :[
    What did you mean by the stereo mono difference in the last EMG post?

  • Hey, thanks for reading this, I’m glad it helped.

    In the last post, when I was talking about the stereo vs. mono cable problem, I was talking about my confusion over the output jack. The EMGs come with the stereo (TRS) output jack where the signal goes to the tip contact of the jack, the – terminal of the battery goes on the ring contact, and the guitar signal ground is connected to the sleeve contact. I didn’t understand at first that they connect the battery ground to the ring contact so that you can break the circuit by unplugging the guitar. (If you don’t break the circuit, the battery constantly drains, even if you’re not playing.) The only way for this setup to work is to use a mono guitar cable – the kind with only a tip and sleeve connector – no ring. When I first finished the install and went to try out the guitar, I thought I was supposed to use a stereo (TRS) cable because it’s a stereo output jack, but it didn’t work because the battery never gets grounded, because the ring contact isn’t grounded by the amp input. If you use a mono (TS) cable, the battery gets grounded on the sleeve of the cable because the output jack’s ring and sleeve contacts both touch the sleeve of the cable, which grounds the entire “system” (signal and power) to the same reference point. Basically, the conclusion of all this is that you have to use a mono guitar cable with EMGs, unless you do some non-standard wiring… (Sorry if that was too much explanation…)

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