Kayak log: Upper Rustic 2009-06-27

Posted by Andy on June 28, 2009

Date: 2009-06-27 12:00pm

Run: Cache la Poudre – Upper Rustic

Flow: 4′ on Pineview gauge

Class: III (IV-)

Temperature: Warm

Buddies: Fino, Nick Lamb, Chadwick Shoults, Big Ken from CK, and Lou from CK

Description: Our first trip back to Upper Rustic after “the incident” a few years ago. The flows were good (4′ on Pineview), and the run was even better than I remembered. We started at the same place as last time, about a 1/2 mile up from the “Miracle Mile” (actually the Miracle 1/4 Mile). The upper part was really good at this flow, big waves and holes, and some good boof opportunities. The Miracle Mile was the highlight of the run – a long continuous section, similar to Screamin’ 1/4 Mile on Lower CC, with bigger waves and holes, but less technical. Lou decided to run the miracle mile with Fino and I, and the other guys started just below it. Lou ended up going for a dip near the end of the section. He was able to get out pretty quickly, but it took about a mile to get his boat and paddle to the side. He was okay. The rest of the run was good sections of class III waves and holes. Definitely a good run, and worth making the extra drive.

Carnage: Lou took a little swim in “Miracle Mile”

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